The New Normal In Spain

Life goes on in Spain under what we now see as the new normal.

We are all getting used to working from home now. After 6 weeks of lock-down, it has become a reality having all of the family at home each doing different activities – online classes, homeschooling, working remotely, meal-planning, indoor exercising etc.

The realisation has now dawned on people, that to be in the office daily suited and booted, is no longer. The need to live near the city centre or to do the tiresome and often expensive commute, which is something nobody is going to miss,has changed peoples mindset. It now means that many people are seriously considering moving the lock, stock and barrel, to a place where they can enjoy more light, sunshine and quality of life for the whole family.

The UK has been enjoying reasonably good weather during the confinement but we all know that this is not the norm. The usual for the UK would be weeks in dull, dark confinement, and many are now thinking that possible future restrictions may be more bearable from a property in Spain. After all, with sea or mountain views, a pool in the garden and a barbecue lunch most days, in a climate which offers around 360 days of sunshine a year.

This may be the reason that many families are now seriously considering a place in the sun and relocating to Spain, leading to a increase in activity for real estates agents and a surge in demand for finance, once the Coronavirus crisis is over.

Mortgage Matters Spain is fully operative during the crisis and the banks are still approving mortgage applications and notaries are still completing on purchases.  We would recommend clients who are looking to come out and view properties, once the restrictions have been lifted, to start the mortgage approval process now. We can carry out a full study for a mortgage now, providing clients with an “Agreement in Principal” pending finding a property, when they visit Spain once things calm down. It will put you as a buyer, in a much stronger position when you do come out to Spain, to have the approval in your pocket ready and waiting before putting in an offer on a property.

If you would like to investigate the options available to your circumstances, why not get in touch, it costs nothing and could open up opportunities you never realised you had. To stay up to date with all the latest news on mortgages in Spain, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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